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Transmission Repairs

Your transmission is in good hands. Our reputable transmission service will keep it running smoothly.

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Transfer Case Repairs

If you're having trouble with your transfer case, count on Transmission Central for dependable transfer case repair work.

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Differential Repairs

Transmission Central can handle your differential repair needs without delay.

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Get Out of the Auto Repair Shop and Back on the Road in Alma, MI

Transmission Central can keep your car moving

When you depress the gas pedal in your car, you send power to your transmission to make your wheels move at a certain speed. If your transmission starts acting up, your wheels won't get the right amount of power. This could result in your car going too fast, too slow or not going at all.

To keep your transmission in peak condition, trust an auto repair shop that specializes in transmission maintenance. Transmission Central offers swift, reliable transmission repair services, so you can get out of the shop and onto the road in no time.

Contact us today to speak with a mechanic at our transmission service shop. You can bring your car to our auto repair shop right away.

What gives Transmission Central an edge over the competition?

Transmission Central is dedicated to providing dependable transmission repair services, no matter the make and model of your car. Residents throughout Alma, MI trust our crew to take on their transmission issues because:

  • We're skilled: our lead mechanic has over 35 years of transmission repair experience
  • We're honest: we'll never perform unnecessary repairs or try to upsell you
  • We're affordable: we offer lower labor costs than our competitors and work with your budget as much as possible
  • We're qualified: we're certified by the Automatic Transmission Service Group

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